What’s true of the past life regressions?

This article is about the past life regressions because it is a very interesting topic and deserves to be a serious and easy to understand way.

Past Life Regressions

The theme of reincarnation shown great interest in many people. More and more people, on an intuitive level, believe in it, and want to find out if it really is true or not we have lived past lives.

The best way to check if there really is reincarnation validate yourself. As much as others can tell us many things, the only way to know if we really lived other lives is to remember ourselves. And this is one of the utilities, but not the only, of past life regressions.

What is regression?

A regression is simply the act of reliving experiences that have happened before. It is not just to remember something from the past but to enter a state of consciousness that allows revive as if it were happening again.

In the case of past life regressions, relives the experience is a situation that took place in an earlier life.

Are there different ways to do them?

Past life regression can occur in different ways. First, there may be spontaneous and induced regressions regressions. The spontaneous regressions are those in which a person, without having consciously provoked suddenly revives a past time. The induced, however, are those which are intentionally trying to remember past events.

The most common way to induce a regression into a state of deep relaxation to open the subconscious and let the information “forgotten” to exit. Everything we have experienced in the past is stored in the subconscious, and we can access it at any time.

You can do this yourself at home quietly. Just find a quiet space to relax and connect with the subconscious mind. However, without a little practice, it is often difficult to get to first. If you want fast results, the simplest thing is to consult a specialist regressions help us and guide us in the process.

What can help us?

The past life regressions have various utilities. First, it may serve to satisfy the natural desire to know that we all human beings reliving our past lives is a way to better understand the process of reincarnation.

Also regress can have very positive effects. On the one hand, better understand our past is a good way to know ourselves better. And this is reflected in an improvement of the present. If we know how we got here, we can better understand where we are going from now.

On the other hand, past life regressions also have therapeutic effects. Some people have problems (health, emotional, etc..) That originate in a previous life. And relive the moment that originated can help solve it.


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