What is PAC?

The role of farmers is essential for power system we have and keep alive the rural areas, but also occupy an important position of responsibility as they have to ensure the protection of the environment with their work.

Environment<“Our lives, our roots” you will see a simple way all of CAP. Support for farmers who can combine both fields tradition with modern technologies, a way to support the traditional flavors, the aroma of the fruits of the field, taking care of our roots and our land.

Following the assessment of the work done by farmers in the European Union’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) was established to help provide these goods and services, such as health insurance and affordable to all citizens foods.

This policy was created years ago but, as we all know, every year new challenges arise for farmers and was in June 2013 when the last amendment made to guarantee long-term supply of quality food for this sector to become more sustainable without losing their traditions and agricultural practices.

In other words, what is to do with the PAC is to ensure that the future of farming and rural life in all Member States of the European Union are protected. You must give notice that we are not just talking about a form of power, have you stopped to think what would become of the mountains and plains that were not cultivated?

Those you belong to rural areas or that you may be common to a given site, can you have seen what happens when you stop farming or graze their animals, everything becomes stubble and beautiful places become inaccessible, wild and that no is always something nice.

Caring for the earth is something that involves us all.


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