Luxury Shower Screens

In the bathroom, both shower and bathtub require a key element for the rest of the room is not filled with water and to preserve privacy. We’re talking about the curtains or partitions. Keep in mind, however, that the screens are so comfortable in the bathrooms or showers that have almost completely replaced the classic shades.


Enhance the sense of transparency and inclusiveness

New screens visible profiling reduce to a minimum and, in many cases, superior hanging strips to enhance the feeling of transparency and openness. The doors offer all kinds of openings (sliding, folding, sliding) and visible profiling chrome and tempered glass generalize secured . That means that in the event of a blow, the screen is broken into small pieces without letting the structure.

Decor<Glass finishes

On the other hand, have increased the chances of finished glass: transparent, frosted, tinted, colored, with serigraphs in the central part … There are even firms that have developed a system for printing digital directly on glass.


The easy maintenance and perfect sealing are other concerns of manufacturers. Thus, the screens are luxury treatments based on paraffin and silicone that prevent the effects of lime and water. To ensure a perfect seal, some screens feature magnetic closure, hinges memory position and compensation profiles that correct the unevenness of the walls.


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