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Welcome to Palestine 2012 campaign launched in Bethlehem
The welcome to Palestinian organizers official launched the camping on Tuesday in a press conference that took place in the city of Bethlehem, southern West ...
Unlocking the Palestinian Ghetto - Welcome to Palestine
The voices of 3 women travelling from Greater Manchester travelling to Tel Aviv as part of the Welcome to Palestine global Direct Action event filmed & edite...
The Stream - "Flytilla" activist records detention - D Murphy
Pro-Palestinian activists flew into Tel Aviv's airport and were sent to detention. One brought a video camera and recorded her experience in Israel's Givon P...
Welcome to Palestine 2011 participants talk about their detention
Interview with members of a delegation who had attempted to reach the Occupied West Bank for the 'Welcome to Palestine' initiative, but had been denied entry...
‪Gaza 'Flytilla' activists arrested for chanting 'Free Palestine' in Tel Aviv airport‬‏
RT crew filmed the arrest of pro-Gaza activists, who were detained for chanting "Free Palestine". Police in Israel detained several activists who arrived at ...
Flytilla blocked: RT talks to only Gaza activist who 'slipped through net'
Hundreds of pro-Palestinian activists are being blocked in their attempts to reach Gaza by air as they try to defy Israeli policies. Many are being stopped a...
'Fly In' Activists on Mass Deportation from Israel
Over the weekend hundreds of activists who participated in the "Flytilla" to Israel were interrogated, refused entry, jailed, and are being deported in stage...
Radio: Swansea women in Israeli prison
2 Swansea women are in Israeli prison for wanting to go to Palestine hhtp://www.swanseapalestine.org
British Women held in Israeli prison- Radio report
27 European women are currently in an Israeli prison for wanting to go to Palestine. http://www.swanseapalestine.org
ITV report - Welsh Women arrested in Israel
ITV report on the 4 Welsh women who were arrested in Israel http://www.swanseapalestine.org
Flytilla Swansea women return
ITV news report on the women from Swansea returning from Israeli prison. http://www.swanseapalestine.org
Activists return to UK after being imprisoned by Israel
The first two Britons to be imprisoned by Israel for expressing the desire to visit Bethlehem as part of the 'Flytilla' to Palestine have returned to the UK....
Hidden video camera inside Israeli prison
13 British people were stopped at Tel Aviv airport in July 2011. Five hours later they and 120 other people were in a high security prison in Israel.One woma...

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