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Carol  Terry with MP Hugh Bayley150 

Hugh Bayley MP (York Inner): "I certainly support the right of my constituents and other British citizens to travel openly and peacefully to Palestine and I am happy to add my name to Archbishop Tutu and Ambassador Hassassians appeal as a step to peace"

lazarowiczMark Lazarowicz MP (Edinburgh North and Leith): "I believe that any of my constituents who wish to travel peacefully and openly to Palestine should be able to do so. Contact with educational groups and civil society organisations can be an important contributor to peace, and should be allowed. Palestinians should be able to enjoy the normal access and contact with visitors which citizens of other countries would regard as a right. I hope that this initiative can contribute towards this objective."


daveandersonDave Anderson MP (Blaydon): "I support your initiative for free access to Palestine." sandraosborne

Sandra Osborne MP (Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock): "I would ask that the participants in Welcome to Palestine 2012 Initiative be allowed to pass Tel Aviv Airport without hindrance and proceed to the West Bank to take part in a project there which supports the education of children."



Ian Murray MP (Edinburgh South): "Scotland has always been at the forefront of highlighting and fighting injustice around the globe. The persecution of the Palestinian people is shameful and peaceful delegations such as yours helps to both keep the pressure on the International Community to act and give the Palestinian people the hope that there are people and countries that care. I'm sorry I can't be with you today but I send you my sincere wishes for safe passage to Palestine in order to spread peace and hope. I visited Gaza last year and saw for myself the impact of the blockade on ordinary, hard working Gazans. Thank you all for all you do for the Palestinians. I appreciate it, Scotland appreciates it and, most importantly Palestinians appreciate it." (14 April 2012)

gerald-kaufmanGerald Kaufman MP (Manchester, Gorton) on hearing of Jet2 decision to deny boarding and refusal to refund air fares: "I am appalled but, I am sorry to say, the Israelis have done this before and this present British government has upheld their right to do so. I am disgusted by the airline's decision to keep your money."


Supportive MPs also include:

Frank Doran MP (Aberdeen North)
Martin Caton MP (Gower)
Mike Crockart MP (Edinburgh West)
Grahame Morris MP (Easington)
Dame Anne Begg MP (Aberdeen South)

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