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CGTRoissyPress statement by CGT trade union at Roissy-Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris

(Original statement in French<)

CGT's Roissy-CDG union branch supports the international mission that will visit Palestine April 15, 2012, and demands that the freedomof movement of the participants is guaranteed by the authorities.

In July 2011, the French authorities flagrantly violated this right by preventing participants in Welcome to Palestine 2011 from embarking on their flights at Roissy-CDG, accededing to a demand by the Israeli authorities..

This happened because the travellers to Palestine defended the rights of the Palestinian people. This situation is reminiscent of the arbitrary treatment that

Palestinians have to face daily.

It is impossible to access the West Bank without passing through Tel Aviv. The Israeli authorities control all access to Palestinian territory.. We are not surprised that

an international peace mission defending the rights of Palestinians will encounter opposition from Israel but we reject the complicity of the French authorities in this violation of the freedom to travel and demand that they do not play the role of auxiliaries of the jailers of the Palestinian people.

• We condemn the Israeli blockade around the Palestinian territory.

• We support international human rights for Palestinians.

• We demand the French authorities to guarantee freedom of travel to participants in the Welcome to Palestine 2012,initiative which begins at Roissy-CDG Airport on 15 April 2012

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Welcome to Palestine 2012

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