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The Israeli "case" demolished in Al Jazeera debate<

Israel: The fear of a 'flytilla' - Inside Story - Al Jazeera Englishwww.aljazeera.com/programmes/.../04/201241714839661426.html"It has always been an axiom of the Israeli foreign policy to isolate Pal [ ... ]


The apartheid wall supported by BritainTo Whom It May Concern,

I am e-mailing from the Consular Directorate at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office(FCO) in London.  We are aware as part of the Welcome to Palestine Initiative that there are plans for a number of people to fly to Tel Aviv in April...

We advise that anyone wishing to travel to Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPTs) to read through the travel advice on the FCO's website, this is available at the following link:
This does highlight that travellers should be aware of immigration policy before travelling, and that travellers should adhere to the relevant immigration requirements.

Please be aware that the FCO is unable to interfere in another country's immigration policies or procedures and are not able to approach the Israeli authorities to request that they do not hinder the passage of any British nationals wishing to travel to the OPTs.  The Israel immigration officials are under no obligation to explain their decisions to us, and as mentioned in our travel advice, they have the right to refuse entry to anyone they wish.  The UK's immigration is similarly protected.

Kind Regards

Ch****** F*****

Assistant Desk Officer for the Middle East


  • In Britain, respond via: www.coordin8.org.uk<

Motion S4M-02477: Kevin Stewart, Aberdeen Central, Scottish National Party, Date Lodged: 23/03/2012

Safe Passage to the West Bank scottishparliament

That the Parliament commends those people attempting to travel from Scotland to the West Bank as part of the Welcome to Palestine initiative on 15 April 2012 at the invitation of Palestinian civil society in order to take part in political discussion and education projects in Bethlehem, to bring attention to the fact that Palestinians have been denied visitation rights in the occupied territories, to highlight what is considered the repressive nature of the Israeli state, which it understands jailed and then deported 150 peaceful individuals in the 2011 initiative, to raise awareness of the lack of freedom of movement endured by Palestinians both inside and outside the occupied territories and to show solidarity with the Palestinian people who it believes continue to be denied the most basic of rights.

Supported by (at 13 April 2012): Joe FitzPatrick, Dennis Robertson, Colin Keir, Richard Lyle, Hugh Henry, Angus MacDonald, Gil Paterson, Mike MacKenzie, Humza Yousaf, Bill Kidd, Adam Ingram, Jean Urquhart, Jamie Hepburn, David Torrance, Mark McDonald, Linda Fabiani, Claudia Beamish


  • Write to your MSPs< and ask them to sign Motion S4M-02477

The Israeli "case" demolished in Al Jazeera debate<

Israel: The fear of a 'flytilla' - Inside Story - Al Jazeera English

"It has always been an axiom of the Israeli foreign policy to isolate Palestinians, while the bulldozers work, the olive trees are burnt, people are thrown on the streets and their crimes escalate. We wanted to challenge that by saying that the Palestinian people should not suffer these crimes in isolation."  
Mick Napier from the 'Welcome to Palestine 2012' campaign

More than 1,000 pro-Palestinian activists were grounded at airports across Europe on Sunday after Israel blocked them from participating in a so-called 'flytilla'.

The 'flytilla', organised by the 'Welcome to Palestine 2012' campaign, was staged with the aim of bringing attention to Israel's illegal occupation of the Palestinian territories. But many protesters were prevented from boarding their flights to Tel Aviv after the Israeli government demanded that airlines stop them from flying.

A further 40 activists were detained by the Israeli authorities at Tel Aviv's International Airport.

These events took place as Israel was once again in the spotlight for its handling of pro-Palestinian activists after an Israeli soldier, Lieutenant-Colonel Shalom Eisner, was filmed striking Andreas las, a Danish national participating in a pro-Palestinian bike rally in the occupied West Bank, in the face with his gun.

This is not the first time the Israeli army's response to activists has caused controversy.  In 2003, Rachel Corrie, a member of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), was killed as she tried to stop the destruction of a Palestinian village.  The Israeli army says she was killed by falling debris but the ISM maintains that she was deliberately run over by a bulldozer.

In 2010, the Israeli navy intercepted the Turkish ship, the Mavi Marmara, as it sailed towards the Gaza Strip carrying aid. That attack left nine pro-Palestinian activists dead.

So, is Israel over-reacting to the so-called 'flytilla' activists? Why is it so nervous about foreign activists? How much of a difference can foreign activists really make on the ground?

Inside Story, with presenter Divya Gopalan, discusses with guests: Gregg Roman, the deputy director of the Gloria Centre: Mustafa Barghouti, secretary-general of the Palestinian National Initiative; and Mick Napier, the UK coordinator of the 'Welcome to Palestine 2012' campaign.

"What we see here is a severe act of violence by Israel against non-violent acts, non-violent Palestinian resistance.  They use violence against Palestinians all the time and now they are extending their violence, their racism, and their fascist behavior in certain occasions to internationals."
Mustafa Barghouti, the secretary-general of the Palestinian National Initiative


Welcome to Palestine 2012

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