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Media Release17 April 2012 Media release: British women imprisoned by Israel refuse food to highlight chronic torture and abuse of Palestinian prisoners On Palestinian Prisoners Day five British wom [ ... ]


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The apartheid wall supported by BritainTo Whom It May Concern,

I am e-mailing from the Consular Directorate at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office(FCO) in London.  We are aware as part of the Welcome to Palestine Initiative that there are plans for a number of people to fly to Tel Aviv in April...

We advise that anyone wishing to travel to Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPTs) to read through the travel advice on the FCO's website, this is available at the following link:
This does highlight that travellers should be aware of immigration policy before travelling, and that travellers should adhere to the relevant immigration requirements.

Please be aware that the FCO is unable to interfere in another country's immigration policies or procedures and are not able to approach the Israeli authorities to request that they do not hinder the passage of any British nationals wishing to travel to the OPTs.  The Israel immigration officials are under no obligation to explain their decisions to us, and as mentioned in our travel advice, they have the right to refuse entry to anyone they wish.  The UK's immigration is similarly protected.

Kind Regards

Ch****** F*****

Assistant Desk Officer for the Middle East


  • In Britain, respond via: www.coordin8.org.uk<

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