How to Attract Love with the Principle of Vibration!

The Principle of Vibration tells us to vibrate on the same page with what we want, and if we love, we will begin to deliver.

“If you want to attract love to your life, then you must deliver love, live in a constant state of love for you and for those around you, by all.”


In this universe, everything is energy. Even us: we are a mass of matter and energy that vibrates constantly, traveling, coming and going without stopping for a second. That’s why we get what we give, what we express life itself.

If you are looking to attract love to your life, then you must deliver love, live in a constant state of love for you and for those around you, for your community, for everything. And to understand it in depth, we can apply to our daily lives the Principle of Vibration , one of the seven cosmic laws.

The polarity of the vibration

You need to understand that everything is energy, and that energy vibrates. Ergo, everything is in constant vibration , activity, movement. On the other hand, we know that energy has two poles, two currents, positive and negative, good and bad. So, absolutely all of our existence (our thoughts, feelings, actions, words, behaviors: all) is a manifestation of our vibrational energy and, when activated, produces a constant reaction of cause and effect.

Ya sure you get what you give, you attract what you emit. But it is also something deeper than that, if we think in the sense of adequacy, accuracy of what we receive. You know for love of life, you should give love. But you can get any kind of love. Therefore, according to the principle of vibration, we must define the vibrational frequency of what we receive, and get into it. To put it another way, get in tune with that special love you want to find .

How to Attract Love with your thinking!

If you want romantic love , you must first give pure love. But while acting lovingly toward everything and everyone, your thoughts should also fall within this vibration. If you love deeply but you are all the time thinking that “you do not have love,” to “how much I need love in my life,” the universe will not find in that vibration. Remember that in the language of all there is no concept of “no”, then you must stay in a positive and affirmative mindset to get what you want.

Instead of thinking that you do not have love, missing you, how much you expect, ized as if you were already receiving that love. Feel loved one or beloved ized with that partner, not her specifically, but in the attitude, in the situation to hug that person and get a hug, the kiss, the caress. Do not grieve for what you have, because you’re just reminding your reality the Universe. You are what you feel and think of you, and if you think getting that love and feel they already get, because that is what you get.

The Principle of Vibration, one of the seven cosmic laws, invites us to walk the same path of universal energy, vibrate at the same frequency of what we receive. If we vibrate on the negative, we get the negative. If we vibrate in friendship, we receive friendship. If vibrate in love couple, and maintain an attitude of constant love, the universe will hear you and compensate you with that special person who will do much good to your heart.


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