Green Decor

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The green is a striking home decorating color. It is rare to find a lounge, a kitchen or a bathroom painted in this tone. But it is also true that brings freshness to stay and is associated with tranquility and nature. If properly used can convey peace and balance the energy of the inhabitants of the house.

Decor< There are many ways to decorate a home in this color. One of them happens to use the wallpaper. You can buy prints, and with no need to fores an entire room with him, cover small portions of the wall will be sufficient to give an original touch to the room.

Combining it with chocolate brown

Green colors are to be used carefully, because if used too lightly can cause apathy. The secret is in combining different shades. This is, olive green, yellow green, green apple … with some predominance of the clearest combinations, will bring light to the home.

If you paint the room green, it is best to combine it with dark brown . For example, the dining room walls can go green, while the furniture should be chocolate brown. This is a major contrast techniques in the world of decoration.

Decor<Accessories housing

On the other hand, do not forget the accessories. you are very important in order to customize a home. Picture frames on green cushions and lamps similar hue. At this point very well combine the patterns of stripes or spots , especially if you want to give a youthful look to the room.

The pistachio tones combined with white provide light. You would do well have a dinnerware for the kitchen in these colors or, for example, buy a coffee than metallic gray, it comes in green.

When decorating the home keep in mind that green is a color that offers many possibilities of combination and the feeling is different depending on the shade of your choice. Light colors are more casual and light than dark.


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