Erotic massage as the best option for relaxation, physical and sexual rest.

The modern pace of life is full of stresses and difficulties. The work takes a huge amount of time, and the emerging difficulties and conflicts seriously affect the physical, and especially the mental, health. Coming home I did not have the strength to do anything: for my favorite hobbies, rest and the desired, once, the girl. Over time, I began to understand that I began to disappear the former libido, and sex with my second half turned into a very rare and not a pleasure. I understood that this can not continue, but fatigue and weakness took their toll. On this ground, quarrels and conflicts with the girl began to arise, which lasted for long three months ended in a painful parting. This event became a point in my inaction and I decided to apply for the service of an erotic massage, which I want to tell about.

Skepticism and false expectations

I decided to share my idea with friends and family. Unfortunately, I was not understood, because the conservative thinking of my acquaintances resulted in the words: "I broke up with the girl & nbsp; & mdash; decided to apply for escort services! & quot ;. This pressure gave rise to skepticism in my head and I disbelieved went to the nearest institution that represents the services of erotic massage. For me it was a discovery. A beautiful and atmospheric salon was not at all like a cheap striptease club, but on the contrary & mdash; to establish with qualified professionals. After choosing a masseuse I took a shower and went to a small room. Then it all began ...

Erotic massage & mdash; an explosion of emotions and incredible sensations

The Atfosmera in the room was unique: muffled light, quiet, erotic music and a nude, sexy masseuse. The girl in a whisper asked me to take off my robe and lie down on the massage table. At first, it was embarrassment, but with the first touches of the masseuse it evaporated. The gentle, warm and erotic hands of the beautiful girl touched my waist, arms, chest and thighs. Full relaxation and slight excitement did not leave me until the end of the session. Erotic massage was supplemented with special essential oil and some fragrant, white lotion. The peak point of my pleasure was the massage movement of the chest. The excited nipples gently touched my abdomen and below, and then the masseuse and did put them on my face, which in my head was just a storm of emotions. All the stresses and negative thoughts instantly dissolve together with the movements of the eye of the stunning girl. I felt ecstasy and was sure that nothing more beautiful in my life was. The session came to an end, I again went into the shower and got dressed. On the way home, I felt like a new person cleared of all problems and past failures.

My subsequent life

I hasten to admit that I 3 times applied for services in this salon, after which I decided to call my ex-girlfriend and talk about our problem. I was understood, and soon we again came together and she moved to me. My libido was restored and I wanted to give my beloved joy every day, and it's after the rubble at work. Our sex life was perfect, I satisfied her and myself received incredible pleasure. My experience of visiting an erotic massage resulted in the use of these techniques at home with my second half. We have acquired oils and learned various techniques that bring the maximum amount of pleasure. My girl understood me without words, the evening began with a light sexual massage and ended with hot sex. My life will never be the same, I recommend everyone to try erotic massage in the near future!

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