Environmental chromotherapy the importance of color

Environmental chromotherapy directs us which are the most suitable for the decoration of our house or our workplace colors.

What is environmental chromotherapy?
Environmental color therapy is a technique that is aware of the influence that the colors that we paint our house, workplace, etc.., Will have on our mood and even our health.


The importance of color
When we know that choosing the colors are divided into warm and cool:

  • Cold: blue, purple, green.
  • Warm red, orange, yellow.

The colors are vibrations of the light spectrum and each color has a different frequency.

The right combination of these different ranges of colors, so different vibration frequencies, we help create spaces where you can enjoy peace and harmony surrounded.

If not properly combine colors can produce the opposite effect and create spaces that cause us to feel overwhelmed or upset.

The colors in the home
Environmental chromotherapy can help us paint the walls of our house to get a place where we are really at ease.

When choosing colors we note that according to combine some colors have more or less intensity: If you put the yellow with the blue look more intense and so red next to green.

Each room, depending on the orientation and use, requires one color or another. As a general rule we will consider:

Kitchen: warm and cool colors.
It has a tendency to paint the kitchen white, which is ultimately very monotonous, but if we use very bright colors cause us eventually fatigue.
It is best to combine, for example, white walls with soft, green, yellow or blue colors in furniture.
If the wall tiles have contrasting colors can produce us, eventually, eye fatigue.

Bedrooms: preferably cool colors predominate.
Although the bedrooms are more desirable cool colors must consider the personality of the users when deciding on the color.

Bathrooms: light colors combine with bright colors.
We can paint the walls and doors in light colors and add accessories, curtains, towels, etc.., Colorful. We do have a dark floor we could use yellows to the doors and walls and white tones for health.

Dining: a combination of warm colors.
This area of ​​the house is often a meeting place so it is advisable to use warm colors, colors that make us feel comfortable. Incorporate touches of stronger colors with accessories.

The importance of lighting
We must not forget to deciding what colors to use the type of lighting that will have different housing environments, because the lighting will affect the color perception.

We must take into account whether natural or artificial light predominates, and if the latter have to be present if the light is warm, reddish tones, or cool, bluish tones.


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