Cut Emission and Save Money by Installing Utility Services

The Australian government faces a battle to reduce carbon emissions by five per cent below 2000 levels. A rise in fuel prices and the introduction of carbon tax has proven to be unsuccessful in curbing the use of energy across the nation and Australia’s hopes of meeting the Kyoto Treaty targets are very small.

The coalition has decided to scrap carbon tax in favour of a Direct Action Plan (DAP) which provides long-term incentives to property owners to upgrade their heating system to an energy efficient network. The idea is that if you update your energy system today, you make savings on your fuel bills over the long-term because you will be using less energy.
Central to the DAP is the EMR – Emissions Reduction Fund – which invites businesses to tender proposals for projects that will either lower emissions or offset them. The government has promised to help fund businesses that are proven to cut emissions and lower the costs of utility services< bills.

Climate change strategies are achieved through a range of projects, and a leading option for owners of multi-tenant properties is to install an embedded network that brings your utility services< under one hood and cuts the costs of supplying energy and a fast, secure internet.

Utility services for multi-tenant buildings
The developments in cloud technologies in the last few years has inspired manufacturers to develop renewable energy systems that reduce carbon emissions and provide a sustainable power supply in the future.
Embedded systems provide a cost-effective and efficient solution as the amount of energy used can be controlled and monitored by individuals so they are more aware of the amount of energy they are using and take measures to reduce the amount of energy they use.

Furthermore, because private utility companies sell energy to site owners in bulk, you benefit from reduced prices which you can then pass on to your tenants. This will further reduce their overheads which helps your reputation as a landlord. Embedded networks are a good selling point for potential residents too!

Manage your utilities
Installing an embedded network into your infrastructure makes your utilities system easier to manage. Utility software allows you to monitor individual meters from remote locations and identify areas where energy efficiency can be approved in the building.

The information you pull from the software can be used to prepare energy efficiency reports and is ideal for extracting data from multi-tenant properties such as shopping complexes, industrial parks, academic institutions and other properties with multiple facilities.

Tenants that switch to a private utility network will be fitted with a meter that measures the amount of energy they use. They therefore have peace of mind that they only pay for the energy they use and will help educate Australians use energy more sensibly.


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