Choosing an external hard drive

If you need to buy an external hard drive to store files, not always the highest capacity will be best. Learn how to analyze them with this guide.

“If you need your device is portable, the best option is the 2.5-inch.”


To store confidential documents or those pictures of our children we do not want are never lost, are called external hard drives; Portable disks separate from the main computer and allow you to save endless files of all types. But if you think it will be a good choice, you should know some details before purchase.

Capacity and price of external hard drive

About “how much more capacity you have, the better,” he would always true if all external hard drives Costanza the same, which is obviously not the case. So, why do you need a device with 160 GB when you half be enough?

Do the math on what you’re going to copy into the external drive, because you rarely need much space. Keep in mind, as is evident, that audio, music and most programs take up a lot more than just text and similar files, such as Word or Excel documents. So if you will not save a large number of files, maybe you should buy a device with more slightly less capacity but at a much more reasonable price.

Another aspect to consider is the actual capacity of hard drives instead announced capacity: the first is always slightly lower (between 2 and 4 percent) than the latter.

Portability hard drive

One feature that many times we often overlook is the mobility of the external hard drive: you’ll take to work every day or to permanently store in a drawer at home? If you need your device to be portable, the best option is the 2.5-inch, much more manageable than most version 3.5″.

Likewise, transport from one place to another hard drive usually means more hits, factor to consider that many manufacturers offer coated with special materials to better withstand abuse, anti-slip products and elements that eliminate the risk of falls.

External device connectivity

One last thing to consider in choosing the best external hard drive are its connectivity features. As you can see, many manufacturers indicate like “the highest free market” or, referring to the device is connected via USB normally, very quickly. This course is interesting, but beware, provided that we have a computer with USB capable ports to support those speeds connections, otherwise it will not do anything because the mobile device will just follow the speed that you print from your personal computer.


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