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Online gaming has become one of the most preferred options among the younger generation to have fun and entertainment. The gaming industry is continuously harnessing this opportunity by constantly creating new games and upgrading the existing formats of the game with various interactive features and effects. But whatever said and done, there are only a few games that gamers fall prey and become addicted to it eventually.

The common feature about the success of the games is difficult to determine. But the user experience and the design and format of the game plays a major role in making the game famous and popular. One such game that is trending recently is the clash of the clans. It is famous and popular among the gamers due to several reasons. The first reason is that it is offered for free for its users. Secondly it is available in various formats and support smart devices that runs on mobile operating system like the android and IOS. This flexibility allows many users to utilize the clash of clans download and play it from their preferred device. Also the game is available for clash of clans download< in various languages like Chinese, English, Turkish, German, Dutch, Brazilian and Norwegian. This solves the language dependency problem that many online games face. This flexibility and options for language selection allows people from diverse backgrounds to participate in the game and have fun. The game has become so much of a sensation that there are many clash of the clan’s online community where strategies, tips and rules for the game are discussed and devised.

There are many dedicated communities online like the reddit where gamers discuss the game and its features and how to keep advancing levels by overcoming the various challenges set forth to them. The online discussion forum is a great place to start learning the nuances of the game by reading the various posts in which important strategies are discussed and devised. Apart from the above mentioned resources, the website itself offers a tutorial for beginners and first time players who have signed up for the game. This enables new players to quickly get accustomed to the rules, goals and the complex nature of the game which involves many levels to be crossed before declaring a victory.

Rules of the clash of clans

As the game suggests this is a team based game where clans are formed by teaming up with players from all over the world who are online. The game is developed by supercell technologies and the goal of the game is build villages. Building a village may seem like a simple task in the beginning but the games gets tougher as it progresses. The villages first of all require money and resources for developing the infrastructure and walls. The second important thing is to save your village from attackers. The clan acquires money and resources by attacking villages by positioning the troops appropriately in strategic places from which the village could be invaded. There are in total eleven levels to be crossed before winning. In each level the material used for building the wall for the village differs. The various materials in the order of pricing are wooden fences, uncut rock, smooth rock, solid iron and much more. The price of walls increases exponentially for each level and as a result walls become stronger and are therefore less prone to attacks. The clan can concentrate more on attacking other villages rather than protecting their own village as the game progresses. The points earned in each level are invested in various ways like acquiring more resources, troops and the likes.


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