AS & E Z Mini Scanner X-ray for law enforcement

In a world where criminals and the diseased heads have a density too high, try to prevent their follies is an essential need, which requires the use of technology in carpet.


Since there was the attack on the Twin Towers in New York, the controls have been strengthened in the international airports. The action of monitoring has become more intense and widespread in all the sensitive targets, but also the intelligence activity has been enhanced.

Now we try to offer new solutions for safety, to avoid any risk or to reduce to a minimum the extent consistent with the developments offered by technology.

The solution of AS & E aims to provide a tool for the first scan very compact for police officers, not only to detect the presence of weapons and explosive dangerous, but also to quickly see if the machine there are contraband items and other things like that . Obviously, the use has to be done in an extremely conscientious, without excess or exaltation.

As a body scanner, the screen allows you to view live the passage on the body of the object being targeted. The system should also allow authorities to scan for suspicious packages or bags, without touching them.

To prevent danger to the user and others, Mini-Z will work with 10 watts of power and can not penetrate deep into human tissue. To make a radio graph who ingests pills drug will continue to use traditional methods. Even more difficult for controls against terrorism we would appeal to the highest level of technology.


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